Nations' Embassy


Distressed Overseas


Mixed Cultural

Couples in Crisis

Battered Women

Nations' Embassy is

a network of people,

based on Christian

values of love and

respect for all human

beings, regardless

of their cultural, ethnic,

religious and social


Nations' Embassy offer:


Counseling and Guidance

for overseas workers, mixed cultural couples

and battered women.


Short Term Emergency Shelter

for women and women with their children.


Dialog groups

regular opportunities to meet  and talk with women who broke their silence

and were helped, and who want to help others.


Limited Legal Assistance

for both women and men in crisis.


Transportation and Logistics

for persons in emergency situations.


Contact Assistance

arranging contact with a person’s own national embassy when in emergency situations.


Prevention and Protection Advice

particularly for migrant workers, warning against potential hazards in specific

neighborhoods/areas/industries already known to the Nations’ Embassy network.


Cooperation and Partnership

facilitating contact with other organizations that can

provide additional and/or long-term assistance when needed.


Raising Awareness

so often we hear the words: “If I knew there were trustworthy people out there

who could help me, I would have had the courage to speak up a long time ago.


Write us for help

We want to raise awareness so people in crisis situations no longer have to live with

the belief, that there is nothing they can do, that they have no-one, that they are on their own.







Phone: +45 53500242



“Speak up for those

who cannot speak

for themselves,

for the rights of all

who are destitute.

Speak up and judge fairly;

defend the rights

of the poor and needy.”




Nations' Embassy 1154  Copenhagen K, Denmark.  CVR no.: 35274618